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Types of Smoke Alarms - FACT SHEET 01
Monthly & Annual  Maintenance - Smoke Alarms - Fact Sheet 04
Smoke Alarms - 10 Year Replacement - Fact Sheet

Smoke Alarm Compliance

(DEFS) - Department of Fire & Emergency Services - (Government of Western Australia)

Smoke Alarm Legislation - Frequently Asked Questions

Renting, hiring or selling your home? You need mains-powered smoke alarms.

(Click on PDF  for FAQ and legislation).

Smoke Alarm Legislation - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you transferring ownership, selling or buying a property, check the property has met the smoke alarm legislation. Note you may be fined if not compliant.

(Click on PDF for FAQ and legislation).

R.C.D. Laws Residual Current Devices
Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce and Energy Safety
Laws introduced in 2009 require all home sellers (before sale) and landlords to install at least two RCDs,

protecting all power points and lighting circuits.

Refer Below: Electrical Safety Certificate (Notes)

Note: Penalties of up to $15,000 for individuals and up to $100,000 for a body corporate may apply if the regulations are breached, sourced from EnergySafety.

FAQ & Legislation

Downlights; Check downlights are compliant and safe?

FAQ & Legislation

Electrical Safety Certificate Information


*If you are selling your home you will require a qualified Electrical Contractor to provide an Electrical Safety Certificate, your Real-Estate Agent will require the original copy of this Certificate in order for the sale of your home to go through smoothly. 

*If any rectification works is detected during inspection and works were not carried out it must be noted on this Electrical Safety Certificate.


Residential - Commercial - Retail - Maintenance - Food Trucks (EC: 004426) 


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